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What automatic ownership assignment does

When automatic disk ownership assignment runs, Data ONTAP looks for any unassigned disks and assigns them to the same system and pool as all other disks on their loop, stack, or shelf.
Note: If a single loop or stack has disks assigned to multiple systems or pools, Data ONTAP does not perform automatic ownership assignment on that loop or stack. Automatic assignment works only when it is clear which system or pool to assign unowned disks to. For this reason, always follow the disk assignment guidelines for your automatic assignment configuration.

You configure Data ONTAP to automatically assign disks at the stack or shelf level, depending on your system requirements and configuration. By default, autoassignment is at the stack or loop level. Data ONTAP automatically assigns the unowned disks to the system that owns the rest of the disks in that stack or loop.

If you need to have the disks in a single stack owned by more than one system, you can configure Data ONTAP to perform automatic disk assignment at the shelf level. In this case, Data ONTAP automatically assigns the unowned disks to the same owner as the already assigned disks on that shelf.