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Changing the maximum number of files allowed in a volume

Volumes have a limit on the number of files they can contain. You can change this limit using the maxfiles command, which affects the maximum number of public inodes the volume can have.


  1. Enter the following command:maxfiles vol_name max_num_files
    Note: Inodes are added in blocks. If the requested increase in the number of files is too small to require a new inode block to be added, the maxfiles value is not increased. If this happens, repeat the command with a larger value for max_num_files.

    You cannot decrease max_num_files below the number of currently allocated public inodes, but the number of public inodes may be less than the current value of max_num_files.

  2. You can confirm the new maximum number of files, as well as the number of files currently present in the volume, by entering the following command: maxfiles vol_name
    Note: The value returned reflects only the number of files that can be created by users, or public inodes; the private inodes reserved for internal use are not included in this number.