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Understanding quota notifications

Quota notifications are messages sent to the console and the /etc/messages file. You can also configure SNMP traps to be triggered when a quota is exceeded.

Notifications are sent in response to the following events:

Thresholds are slightly different from other soft quotas. Thresholds trigger notifications only when they are exceeded, not when they are no longer exceeded.

Hard-quota notifications are configurable by using the quota logmsg command. You can turn them off completely, and you can change their frequency, for example, to prevent sending of redundant messages.

Soft-quota notifications are not configurable because they are unlikely to generate redundant messages and their sole purpose is notification.

SNMP traps can be used to arrange alternative methods of notification, such as email. You can find details on SNMP traps in the /etc/mib/netapp.mib file.

Note: Notifications contain qtree ID numbers rather than qtree names. You can correlate qtree names to ID numbers by using the qtree status -i command.