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Commands to display storage subsystem information

You can use the acpadmin, environment, fcadmin, sasadmin, storage show, and sysconfig commands to display information about your storage subsystems.

Note: For detailed information about these commands and their options, see the appropriate man pages.
Use this Data ONTAP command... To display information about...
acpadmin list_all Alternative Control Path (ACP) processors (SAS shelves only).
environment shelf Environmental information for each host adapter, including SES configuration and SES path.
environment shelf_log Shelf-specific module log file information, for shelves that support this feature. Log information is sent to the /etc/log/shelflog directory and included as an attachment on AutoSupport reports.
fcadmin channels WWPN information.
fcadmin device_map What disks are on each loop and shelf.
fcadmin link_state How the ports are connected.
sasadmin expander What disks are attached to expander PHYs.
sasadmin expander_phy_state Expander PHY state, dongle state and event counters, PHY statistics.
sasadmin shelf [short] The disks on each shelf (or a specific disk shelf), including a pictorial representation of disk placement (long or short view).
storage show All disks and host adapters on the system.
storage show acp Connectivity and status information for the Alternate Control Path (ACP) module (SAS shelves only).
storage show adapter FC host adapter attributes, including (as appropriate for the adapter type) a description, firmware revision level, Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) bus width, PCI clock speed, FC node name, cacheline size, FC packet size, link data rate, static random access memory (SRAM) parity, state, in use, redundant.
storage show bridge [-v] Information about the bridges connected to this controller. The -v option includes information about the bridge SAS ports.
storage show disk -p How many paths are available to each disk.
storage show expander SAS expander attributes, including shelf name, channel, module, shelf ID, shelf UID, IOM state, and the following information for the disks attached to the expander: disk ID, port state, partial path timeout, link rate, invalid word count, running disparity count, PHY reset problem, CRC error count, and PHY change count.
storage show hub Hub attributes: hub name, channel, loop, shelf ID, shelf user ID (UID), term switch, shelf state, ESH state, and hub activity for each disk ID: loop up count, invalid cyclic redundancy check (CRC) count, invalid word count, clock delta, insert count, stall count, utilization percentage.
storage show mc All media changer devices that are installed in the system.
storage show port Switch ports connected to the system.
storage show shelf Shelf module statistics for shelves with SAS, ESH, ESH2, or ESH4 modules.
storage show switch Switches connected to the system.
storage show tape All tape drive devices attached to the system.
storage show tape supported [-v] All tape drives supported. With -v, information about density and compression settings is also displayed.
storage stats tape Statistics for all tape drives attached to the system.
sysconfig -A All sysconfig reports, including configuration errors, disks, array LUNs, media changers, RAID details, tape devices, and aggregates.
sysconfig -m Tape libraries.
sysconfig -t Tape drives.