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How to control disk selection from heterogeneous storage

When disks with different characteristics coexist on the same node, or when both disks and array LUNs are attached to the same node, the system has heterogeneous storage. When you create an aggregate from heterogeneous storage, you should take steps to ensure that Data ONTAP uses the disks you expect.

If your node has heterogeneous storage and you do not explicitly specify what type of disks to use, Data ONTAP uses the disk type (including array LUNs) with the highest number of available disks. When you create or add storage to an aggregate using heterogeneous storage, you should use one of the following methods to ensure that Data ONTAP selects the correct disks or disk types:

Note: For unplanned events such as disk failures, which cause Data ONTAP to add another disk to a RAID group automatically, the best way to ensure that Data ONTAP chooses the best disk for any RAID group on your system is to always have at least one spare (and preferably two) available to match all disk types and sizes in use in your system.