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Prerequisites to reconfiguring an array LUN on the storage array

If an array LUN has already been assigned (through Data ONTAP) to a particular Data ONTAP system, the information that Data ONTAP wrote to the array LUN must be removed before the storage administrator attempts to reconfigure the array LUN on the storage array.

When the storage array presents an array LUN to Data ONTAP, Data ONTAP collects information about the array LUN (for example, its size) and writes that information to the array LUN. Data ONTAP cannot dynamically update information that it wrote to an array LUN. Therefore, before the storage array administrator reconfigures an array LUN, you must use Data ONTAP to change the state of the array LUN to unused. The array LUN is unused from the perspective of Data ONTAP.

While changing the state of the array LUN to unused, Data ONTAP does the following:

After this process finishes, no Data ONTAP information remains in the array LUN.

You can do the following after the array LUN's state is changed to unused:

If you want Data ONTAP to resume using the array LUN after its size or composition is changed, you must present the array LUN to Data ONTAP again, and assign the array LUN to a Data ONTAP system again. Data ONTAP is aware of the new array LUN size or composition.