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Using the quota report to determine which quotas limit writes to a specific file

You can use the quota report command with a specific file path to determine which quota limits affect write operations to a file. This can help you understand which quota is preventing a write operation.


  1. Use the quota report command with the filepath parameter.

Example of showing quotas affecting a specific file

The following example shows the command and output to determine what quotas are in effect for writes to the file f4.txt, which resides in the qtree q1 in the volume vol1:
sys1> quota report /vol/vol1/q1/f4.txt
                                 K-Bytes             Files
Type       ID    Volume    Tree  Used      Limit     Used    Limit   Quota Specifier
----- -------- -------- -------- --------- --------- ------- ------- ---------------
user    jsmith     vol1        -       112    204800       7       - jsmith
user    jsmith     vol1       q1         0     76800       5       - jsmith
tree         1     vol1       q1         0    409600       6       - /vol/vol1/q1