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Renaming a qtree

You can rename a qtree using Windows Explorer or a UNIX client, if the qtree permissions allow.

Before you begin

The following conditions must be true:
  • The volume that contains the qtree you want to rename must be mounted (for NFS) or mapped (for CIFS).
  • The qtree you are renaming must not be directly mounted and must not have a CIFS share directly associated with it.
  • The qtree permissions must allow you to modify the qtree.


  1. Find the qtree you want to rename.
    Note: The qtree appears as a normal directory at the root of the volume.
  2. Rename the qtree using the method appropriate for your client.
    The following command on a UNIX host renames a qtree:mv old_name new_name
    Note: On a Windows host, you must use Windows Explorer to rename a qtree.

After you finish

If you have quotas on the renamed qtree, update the quotas file to use the new qtree name.