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Destroying an aggregate

You destroy an aggregate when you no longer need the data in that aggregate or when you have copied the content of the aggregate to another location.

Before you begin

Before you can destroy an aggregate, you must have destroyed all of the FlexVol volumes associated with that aggregate.

About this task

When you destroy an aggregate, Data ONTAP converts its parity disks and its data disks back into hot spares. You can then use the spares in other aggregates and other storage systems.

Attention: If you destroy an aggregate, the data in the aggregate is no longer accessible by normal access methods, unless you restore it before any of its disks are zeroed or reused in another aggregate.
Note: If you want to make the data in the aggregate inaccessible by any means, you can sanitize its disks.
Note: You cannot destroy a SnapLock Compliance aggregate until the retention periods for all data contained in it have expired. For more information about the SnapLock functionality, see the Data ONTAP Archive and Compliance Management Guide for 7-Mode.


  1. Take the aggregate offline by entering the following command: aggr offline aggr_name
  2. Destroy the aggregate by entering the following command: aggr destroy aggr_name

    The following message is displayed:

    Are you sure you want to destroy this aggregate ?
  3. Enter the following command to confirm that you want to destroy the aggregate: y
    The following message is displayed: Aggregate 'aggr_name' destroyed.