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How FlexClone volumes work with deduplication

Deduplication is supported on FlexClone volumes. The FlexClone volume of a deduplicated volume is a deduplicated volume. The cloned volume inherits the deduplication configuration of the parent volume (for example, deduplication schedules).

The metadata created during a deduplication operation (fingerprint files and change log files) is cloned. This metadata is located both in the FlexVol volume and in the aggregate.

If you run deduplication on a clone volume, the clone is deduplicated, but the parent volume remains non-deduplicated.

To run deduplication manually for all new data in the cloned volume, you should use the sis start command.

When a cloned volume is split from the parent volume, deduplication of all data in the clone that was part of the parent volume is removed after the volume-split operation. However, if deduplication is running on the clone volume, the data is deduplicated in the subsequent deduplication operation.