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Monitoring the volume move status

You can use the vol move status command to display information about the volume that is moved.

About this task

Note: If you are running the vol move status command in a continuous loop during cutover phase, you might see a message indicating that vol move is complete even before actual completion. This may not be indicating actual cutover completion. To confirm, wait a few seconds and run vol move status again.


  1. Obtain the status of the volume move operation by entering the following command: vol move status srcvol [-v]

    -v provides additional information about the destination volume name, amount of data transferred, the time taken for the data transfer, and the amount of data that is currently being transferred.


system1> vol move status vol1 -v
Source		            : vol1
Destination		       : aggr1:ndm_dstvol_1188375081
State		             : move
Cutover Attempts	      : 3
Cutover Time		      : 60
Last Completed Transfer: Data Transferred = 324 KB       Time Taken = 1 s      Current Transfer Size = 0 KB