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How Data ONTAP determines user IDs in a mixed environment

If you have users accessing your Data ONTAP storage from both Windows and UNIX clients, then both Windows and UNIX security are used to determine file ownership. Several factors determine whether Data ONTAP uses a UNIX or Windows ID when applying user quotas.

If the security style of the qtree or volume that contains the file is only NTFS or only UNIX, then the security style determines the type of ID used when applying user quotas. For qtrees with the mixed security style, the type of ID used is determined by whether the file has an ACL.

The following table summarizes what type of ID is used:
Security Style ACL No ACL
Mixed Windows ID UNIX ID
NTFS Windows ID Windows ID
Note: If a file is in a volume or qtree with a particular security style, but is owned by a user of the other type, and no mapping to the determined type exists, then Data ONTAP uses the default user ID for the determined type as defined in the following options:

For example, suppose the winfile file is in a qtree with the UNIX security style, and it is owned by Windows user corp\bob. If there is no mapping between corp\bob and a UNIX user id in the quotas file, the winfile file is charged against the user defined by the wafl.default_nt_user option.