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Displaying file or inode usage

FlexVol volumes have a maximum number of files that they can contain. Knowing how many files are contained by your volumes helps you determine whether you need to increase the number of (public) inodes for your volumes to prevent them from hitting their maximum file limit.

About this task

Public inodes can be either free (they are not associated with a file) or used (they point to a file). The number of free inodes for a volume is the total number of inodes for the volume minus the number of used inodes (the number of files).


  1. To display inode usage for a volume, enter the following command: df -i volume_name
    You can omit the volume name; in this case, Data ONTAP displays the inode usage for all volumes on the node.


shl5> df -i
Filesystem               iused      ifree  %iused  Mounted on
/vol/root_vs0/              97      19893      0%  /vol/root_vs0/
/vol/vol0/                8455   10977711      0%  /vol/vol0/
/vol/v1/                   100       1096      8%  /vol/v1/