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About using wildcard entries in the usermap.cfg file

The use of wildcard entries in the /etc/usermap.cfg file causes ambiguity because all trusted domains are searched in an unspecified order for a match. To prevent this problem, you should specify the order in which Data ONTAP searches domains by using the cifs.search_domains option.

Unexpected results might occur if your usermap.cfg file contains the following entry:
*\*	*

If you use the QUOTA_PERFORM_USER_MAPPING directive in your quotas file with this wildcard entry in the usermap.cfg file, Data ONTAP tries to find users in one of the trusted domains. However, because Data ONTAP searches domains in an unspecified order, the results of this search can be unpredictable.

To address this issue, you can specify the order that Data ONTAP searches domain by using the cifs.search_domains option.