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Forcibly adding disks to aggregates

You might want to override some of the restrictions on what disks can be added to an aggregate if you do not have disks of the right speed or enough disks in the correct pool. You can do so by using the aggr add -f command.

About this task

Forcibly adding disks can be useful in the following situations:
  • You need to add disks from two different spare disk pools to a mirrored aggregate.
    Note: Using disks from the wrong pool in a mirrored aggregate removes an important fault isolation property of the SyncMirror functionality. You should do so only when absolutely necessary, and you should return to a supported configuration as soon as possible.
  • You need to add disks of a different speed than that of existing disks in the aggregate.


  1. Add the disks by entering the following command:aggr add aggr_name -f [-n] [-g {raid_group_name | new | all}] disk_list