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How the data copy phase of volume move works

The data copy phase follows the setup phase of a volume move operation. In the data copy phase, incremental data is transferred automatically from the source volume to the destination volume, after which the cutover phase can begin.

After each block of data is transferred, the volume move determines whether the cutover phase can be initiated.

If a SnapRestore or a WAFLIron operation is started on the source volume, the destination volume, or the containing aggregate, the volume move is canceled and an appropriate error message is recorded in the log file.
Note: During the data copy phase, if you attempt SnapMirror migrate on the source volume, then the volume move pauses, and you cannot resume or abort the volume move operation.

If the volume move finds any unsupported settings or conflicting operations before entering the cutover phase, the volume move operation is paused and the reason for the pause is displayed. You must resolve the issue before you can manually resume the volume move.