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Removing key management servers

If you no longer want to use a key management server to store authentication keys used by self-encrypting disks in the storage system, you can remove the key management server link to the storage system by using the key_manager remove command.

Before you begin

You must know the IP address for each key management server that you want to remove.

About this task

Storage Encryption requires at least one key management server linked to the storage system to operate. If you want to replace a single key management server with another one, you must first add the new one before removing the old one.


  1. To remove key management servers, enter the following command: key_manager remove -key_server key_server_ip_address

    -key_server key_server_ip_address specifies the IP address of the key management server you want to remove.


The following command removes the link between the storage system and the key management server with the IP address

storage-system> key_manager remove -key_server
Key server will be unregistered from service.
Unregistration successful.