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Viewing the status of efficiency operations on a FlexVol volume

You can view whether deduplication or data compression is enabled on a volume and check the status, state, and progress of the efficiency operations on a volume by using the sis status command.


  1. View the status of an efficiency operation on a volume by entering the following command: sis status path
    path is the complete path to the volume.

    The following table describes status and progress messages that you might see after running the sis status command:

    Message Message type Description
    Idle status and progress No active efficiency operation is in progress.
    Pending status The limit of maximum concurrent efficiency operations allowed for a storage system or a vFiler unit is reached. Any efficiency operation requested beyond this limit is queued.
    Active status Efficiency operations are running.
    size Scanned progress A scan of the entire volume is running, of which size is already scanned.
    size Compressed progress Compression operations have compressed data, of which size is already compressed.
    size Searched progress A search of duplicated data is running, of which size is already searched.
    size (pct%) Done progress Efficiency operations have saved size amounts of data. pct% is the percentage saved of the total duplicated data that was discovered in the search stage.
    size Verified progress A verification of the metadata of processed data blocks is running, of which size is already verified.
    pct% merged progress Deduplication operations have merged pct% (percentage) of all the verified metadata of processed data blocks to an internal format that supports fast deduplication operations.


The following command displays the status of an efficiency operation on volume VolA: sis status /vol/VolA

If the efficiency operation is enabled on volume VolA and the operation is idle, then you can see the following in the system output:
node1> sis status /vol/VolA
Path             State      Status     Progress
/vol/VolA        Enabled    Active     23 MB Scanned, 20 MB Compressed