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Reinitializing quotas

You reinitialize quotas by using the quota off command followed by the quota on command. This causes Data ONTAP to reread the quotas file. Reinitializing quotas takes time. In some cases resizing is more efficient.

Before you begin

If the quotas file contains user quotas that use Windows IDs as targets, CIFS must be running when you reinitialize quotas.

About this task

Depending on how many quotas you have and the size of the file system, quota reinitialization can take some time. During quota reinitialization, data access is not affected. However, quotas are not enforced until reinitialization completes.


  1. If quotas are already activated for the volume on which you want to reinitialize quotas, enter the following command:quota off vol_name
    Quotas are turned off for the specified volume.
  2. Enter the following command:quota on [-w] vol_name
    The -w option causes the command to return only after the entire quotas file has been scanned (synchronous mode). This is useful when activating quotas from a script.
    Quota reinitialization is started for the specified volume. Quota reinitialization can take some time, during which storage system data is available, but quotas are not enforced for the specified volume.


When quota initialization is complete, quotas are back on for the specified volume.

Note: Quotas are not affected for any volume other than the volume specified in the quota on command.