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Displaying qtree access statistics

You display statistics on user accesses to files in qtrees on your system using the qtree stats command. This can help you determine which qtrees are incurring the most traffic. Determining traffic patterns helps with qtree-based load balancing.

About this task

The qtree stats command displays the number of NFS and CIFS accesses to the designated qtrees since the counters were last reset. The qtree stats counters are reset when one of the following actions occurs:
  • The system is booted.
  • The volume containing the qtree is brought online.
  • The counters are explicitly reset using the qtree stats -z command.


  1. Enter the following command:qtree stats [-z] [vol_name]

    The -z option clears the counter for the designated qtree, or clears all counters if no qtree is specified.

    vol_name optionally specifies a volume. Statistics for all qtrees in that volume are displayed. If no volume is specified, statistics for all qtrees on the storage system are displayed.

Example output

system> qtree stats vol1
Volume        Tree         NFS ops       CIFS ops 
--------      --------     -------       -------- 
vol1          proj1           1232             23 
vol1          proj2             55            312