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Viewing the space savings due to FlexClone files and FlexClone LUNs

You can view the percentage of disk space saved by block sharing within a volume containing FlexClone files and LUNs.


  1. To view the space saving achieved due to FlexClone files and FlexClone LUNs, enter the following command:df -s volname
    volname is the name of the FlexVol volume.
    Note: If you run the df -s command on a deduplication-enabled FlexVol volume, you can view the space saved by both deduplication and FlexClone files and LUNs.

    For more information about the df -s command, see the df(1) man page.


The following example shows the space saving on a FlexClone volume test1:

systemA> df -s test1

Filesystem         used   saved   %saved 
/vol/test1/        4828    5744     54%