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How default user and group quotas create derived quotas

When you create default user or group quotas, corresponding derived user or group quotas are automatically created for every user or group that owns files at the same level.

Derived user and group quotas are created in the following ways:

If a user or group does not own files at the level of a default user or group quota, derived quotas are not created for the user or group. For example, if a default user quota is created for qtree proj1 and the user jsmith owns files on a different qtree, no derived user quota is created for jsmith.

The derived quotas have the same settings as the default quotas, including limits and user mapping. For example, if a default user quota has a 50-MB disk limit and has user mapping turned on, any resulting derived quotas also have a 50-MB disk limit and user mapping turned on.

However, no limits exist in derived quotas for three special users and groups. If the following users and groups own files at the level of a default user or group quota, a derived quota is created with the same user-mapping setting as the default user or group quota, but it is only a tracking quota (with no limits):

Example of derived user quotas

If you have volume where three users—root, jsmith, and bob—own files, and you create a default user quota on the volume, Data ONTAP automatically creates three derived user quotas. Therefore, after you reinitialize quotas on the volume, four new quotas appear in the quota report:

filer1> quota report
                                 K-Bytes             Files
Type       ID    Volume    Tree  Used      Limit     Used    Limit   Quota Specifier
----- -------- -------- -------- --------- --------- ------- ------- ---------------
user      *      vol1        -           0     51200       0       - *
user      root   vol1        -           5         -       1       - 
user      jsmith vol1        -          30     51200      10       - *
user      bob    vol1        -          40     51200      15       - *

The first new line is the default user quota that you created, which is identifiable by the asterisk (*) as the ID. The other new lines are the derived user quotas. The derived quotas for jsmith and bob have the same 50-MB disk limit as the default quota. The derived quota for the root user is a tracking quota without limits.