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Changing the language for a volume

You should use caution when changing the language for an existing volume, because doing so could affect the system's ability to display your data. In addition, a system reboot is necessary before the language change is complete.

Before you begin

Before changing the language that a volume uses, be sure you understand how volumes use the language attribute and how this change could affect access to your data.


  1. Determine the correct language code for your volume.

    You can view the possible language codes by using the vol lang command.

  2. Enter the following command to change the volume language:vol lang vol_name language
    Note: If you are changing the NFS character set, you are asked to confirm your choice, and also whether you want to halt the system so that WAFL_check can be run to check for any files that will no longer be accessible using NFS. The default answer for this question is yes. If you do not want to halt the system, you must enter n.
  3. Reboot the storage system.
    Note: Although the language change is effective for the target volume immediately, the full effect of the change is not complete until after the reboot.

After you finish

You can verify the new language by using the vol status -l command.