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Changing the checksum type of an array LUN

You must change the checksum type of an array LUN if you want to add it to an aggregate that has a different checksum type than the checksum type of the LUN.

Before you begin

You should have reviewed the tradeoffs between performance in certain types of workloads and storage capacity utilization of each checksum type. The FlexArray Virtualization Installation Requirements and Reference Guide contains information about checksum use for array LUNs. You can also contact your Sales Engineer for details about using checksums.

About this task

You must assign a zoned checksum type to an array LUN that you plan to add to a zoned checksum aggregate or an advanced zoned checksum (AZCS) aggregate. When a zoned checksum array LUN is added to an AZCS aggregate, it becomes an advanced zoned checksum array LUN. Similarly, when a zoned checksum array LUN is added to a zoned aggregate, it is a zoned checksum type.


  1. Enter the following command: disk assign LUN-name -c new_checksum_type
    LUN-name is the name of the array LUN whose checksum type you want to change.

    new_checksum_type can be block or zoned.

    The checksum type of the array LUN is changed to the new checksum type you specified.