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What FlexCache status messages mean

When you enter the vol status command for a FlexCache volume, and the status of the FlexCache volume is not normal, you get a FlexCache status message.

The following table lists the status messages you might see for a FlexCache volume and what they mean:

FlexCache status Description
access denied The origin system is not allowing FlexCache access. Check the setting of the flexcache.access option on the origin system.
connecting The caching system is trying to connect to the origin system.
lang mismatch The language setting of the origin volume was changed since the FlexCache volume was created.
rem vol changed The origin volume was deleted and re-created with the same name. Re-create the FlexCache volume to reenable the FlexCache relationship.
rem vol unavail The origin volume is offline or has been deleted.
remote nvram err The origin system is experiencing problems with its NVRAM.
unsup remote vol The origin system is running a version of Data ONTAP that either does not support FlexCache volumes or is not compatible with the version running on the caching system.