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Deleting a quota by removing the quotas file entry

You can remove a quota for a specific target by removing the quotas file entry for that target. Depending on what other quotas you have set up, you then need to resize or reinitialize quotas.


  1. Open the quotas file with the editor of your choice and remove the entry for the quota you want to delete.
    Note: If the change is temporary, you can disable the quota by prepending the pound sign (#) to the line. This causes Data ONTAP to treat the line as a comment.
  2. Save and close the quotas file.
    The quotas file is updated but the change is not yet effective.

After you finish

If you have a default quota or default tracking quota in place for the quota type you modified, you can use the quota resize command to cause Data ONTAP to reread the quotas file. Otherwise, reinitialize quotas using the quota off and quota on commands for the volume for which you modified the quota.