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Resuming the volume move operation

When the volume move is manually or automatically paused, you can resume it by running the vol move resume command. On resuming, the volume move runs the same set of checks that were run during the data copy phase. You can add to or change the options you specified when you started the volume move.


  1. Resume the volume move operation by entering the following command:vol move resume srcvol [-k] [-m | -r num_cutover_attempts] [-w cutover_window] [-o]


system1> vol move resume vol1 -k -r 8 -w 120
Wed Aug 29 08:15:14 GMT [system1: vol.move.resume:info]: 
Move of volume vol1 to aggregate aggr1 was resumed.
system1> Wed Aug 29 08:15:14 GMT [system1: 
vol.move.transferStart:info]: Baseline transfer from volume vol1 
to ndm_dstvol_1188375081 started.