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How AutoSupport On Demand obtains delivery instructions from technical support

AutoSupport On Demand periodically communicates with technical support to obtain delivery instructions for sending, resending, and declining AutoSupport messages.

The AutoSupport On Demand client, which runs on each node, periodically polls the AutoSupport On Demand service to obtain delivery instructions. The AutoSupport On Demand service resides in technical support. AutoSupport On Demand is enabled by default, and it automatically communicates with technical support if AutoSupport is configured to send messages to technical support and the transport protocol is HTTPS. The client sends HTTPS requests to the same technical support location to which AutoSupport messages are sent.

The AutoSupport On Demand client does not accept incoming connections.

Note: AutoSupport On Demand uses the "autosupport" user account to communicate with technical support. You should not delete this account.

The following illustration shows how AutoSupport On Demand sends HTTPS requests to technical support to obtain delivery instructions.

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The delivery instructions can include requests for AutoSupport to do the following: