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NDMP options

You can use NDMP options to manage NDMP on your storage system.

The following table lists the NDMP options that you can use with the options command:

Option Description Default value
ndmpd.access {all|legacy|host[!]=hosts|if [!]=interfaces} Specifies the hosts or interfaces through which NDMP sessions are permitted or blocked all
ndmpd.authtype {challenge|plaintext|plaintext,challenge} Specifies whether a storage system accepts plaintext, challenge, or both to authenticate NDMP session requests challenge
ndmpd.connectlog.enabled {on|off} Enables or disables the monitoring of NDMP connections off
ndmpd.enable {on|off} Enables or disables NDMP service on your storage system off
ndmpd.maxversion Specifies the highest NDMP version
Note: Starting with Data ONTAP 8.2, only NDMP version 4 is supported.
ndmpd.ignore_ctime.enabled {on|off} Enables or disables incremental backup of files that have their ctime changed since the previous backup off
ndmpd.offset_map.enable {on|off} Enables or disables offset map generation during backup on
ndmpd.password_length {8|16} Specifies the length of NDMP password 16
ndmpd.preferred_interface {interface|disable} Specifies the preferred network interface to be used for NDMP data connections disable
ndmpd.tcpnodelay.enable {on|off} Optimizes the performance of the NDMP socket through which the storage system communicates with the DMA off
ndmpd.tcpwinsize {tcp_window_size} Specifies the TCP window size for data connection
Note: The valid TCP window size range is 8192 – 7631441.
ndmpd.data_port_range {start_port-end_port|all} Specifies a port range on which the NDMP server can listen for data connections
  • start_port and end_port can have values between 1024 and 65535; start_port must be less than or equal to end_port.
  • It is best to use start_port and end_port values between 18600 and 18699.