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Planning your upgrade

Because new features are introduced in each release of Data ONTAP, you must understand these features and their associated upgrade requirements to evaluate how they might impact your current configuration. You are more likely to encounter issues if you are upgrading from a release earlier than the immediately previous version of Data ONTAP.

Note: It is a best practice to use Upgrade Advisor to plan your upgrade. Nonetheless, you might find useful detail and related information in this guide that complements your Upgrade Advisor plan.

If you are not able to use Upgrade Advisor, you should create your own upgrade plan manually by using guidelines provided in this guide.

Before proceeding with the upgrade, you should plan to do the following:

Unless otherwise indicated, the requirements and procedures in this guide apply to all supported Data ONTAP 8.2.x platforms. For more information about supported platforms, see the Release Notes for this Data ONTAP release.