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Introduction to Data ONTAP Edge

The NetApp Data ONTAP Edge product is a storage solution designed for remote offices. In addition to managing local storage and protecting data, Data ONTAP Edge can be configured to use SnapVault and SnapMirror technology to automatically copy and move data to a central NetApp Data ONTAP 7-Mode storage system where it can be archived or used for disaster recovery.

Data ONTAP Edge enables you to build a data center on an enterprise server using the VMware vSphere platform. It converts the server’s internal disk drives into a flexible storage platform, providing most of the features of a dedicated NetApp storage system.

Data ONTAP Edge uses Data ONTAP-v technology to run Data ONTAP storage software in a virtual machine on a high-performance server. This enables Data ONTAP to manage the local storage for applications running on other virtual machines on the same server.

The term Data ONTAP Edge is used when describing functionality provided by the Data ONTAP Edge storage system. The term Data ONTAP-v is used when describing functionality provided by the underlying platform technology.