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VSC for VMware vSphere port requirements

By default, Virtual Storage Console for VMware vSphere uses designated ports to enable communication between its components, which include storage systems and the VMware vCenter server. If you have firewalls enabled, you must ensure that the firewalls are set to allow exceptions.

For firewalls other than Windows, you must manually grant access to specific ports that VSC uses. If you do not grant access to these ports, an error message such as Unable to communicate with the server is displayed.

VSC uses the following default ports:

Default port number Description
443 The VMware vCenter Server and the storage systems listen for secure communications using secure HTTP (SSL) on this port.
80 The VMware vCenter server and the storage systems listen for standard, unencrypted communication via standard HTTP on this port.
8143 VSC listens for secure communication on this port.
8043 The VSC backup and restore features and the VSC Restore Agent and CLI listen for secure communication on this port.