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Timeout values for guest operating systems

The guest operating system (GOS) timeout scripts set the SCSI I/O timeout values for supported Linux, Solaris, and Windows guest operating systems. The timeout values help improve disk I/O behavior in a failover situation.

These scripts are provided as .ISO files. You can get a copy of the scripts by clicking Tools > Guest OS Tools from the Virtual Storage Console Home page. There are two scripts for each operating system:

In most cases, the recommended value is 60 seconds. Knowledge base article 3013622, which is online at, contains information you can use when deciding which timeout value to use.

You can mount and run the script from the vSphere client. The Tools panel provides URLs for the scripts.

To get the script containing the timeout values you want for your operating system, you must copy the correct URL from the Guest OS Tools page and mount it as a virtual CD-ROM in the virtual machine using the vSphere client. Make sure you install the script from a copy of Virtual Storage Console for VMware vSphere that is registered to the vCenter Server that manages the virtual machine. After the script has been installed, you can run it from the console of the virtual machine.