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Provisioning and cloning programmable API

Virtual Storage Console for VMware vSphere supports a programmable application interface (API) for provisioning and cloning operations. The API is designed to be leveraged with the VI SDK. It provides end-to-end automated datastore provisioning and offloads the intricacies of storage object cloning while cloning virtual machines.

Note: The VSC provisioning and cloning operations perform the same role-based access control checks that VSC performs.

The managed object reference returned by the VMware VI SDK is used to identify components in the vCenter Inventory. You can view this information using the Managed Object Browser on the vCenter Server.

The API is exposed using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). It provides a layer above the NetApp Manageability SDK and the VMware VI SDK, but it does not require these in the customer application or script.

This version of the API exposes the virtual machine clone creation engine (which includes the redeploy feature), the datastore management engine (create, destroy, resize), and the file copy/clone offload engine. There are also two general-purpose utility methods included: