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Network configuration during setup (cluster administrators only)

You should be aware of some basic network configuration to be performed during the cluster setup. Basic network configuration includes setting up the management and cluster networks, and configuring network services for the admin Storage Virtual Machine (SVM). For a data SVM, you should configure data LIFs and naming services.

You can perform the initial network configuration of the cluster and the SVM by using the following wizards:
Attention: The Cluster Setup and Vserver Setup wizards do not support IPv6. If you want data LIFs and management LIFs configured for IPv6, you can modify the LIFs after the cluster has been configured and is running. It is not possible to configure an IPv6-only cluster, because cluster LIFs and intercluster LIFs only support IPv4.

Networking configuration during the Cluster setup

You can perform the initial setup of the admin SVM by using the Cluster Setup wizard. During the setup, you can either select the default values or customize your setup. The default values for setup are generated by using the zero configuration networking mechanism.

For setting up the... Types of information required...
Cluster network
  • Ports for the private cluster network

    The number of ports differs with different platforms. It can be 2, 3, or 4. See Hardware Universe at for more information.

  • MTU size of 9000 for cluster ports
  • IP address for the cluster interfaces

    When a new node joins a cluster, IP addresses are generated automatically. However, if you want to assign IP addresses manually to the cluster LIFs, you must ensure that the new IP addresses are in the same subnet range as the existing cluster LIFs.

  • Netmask for the cluster interfaces
Admin SVM
  • Node and port for the cluster-management LIF
  • IP address for the cluster-management LIF
  • Netmask for the cluster-management LIF
  • Default gateway for the cluster-management LIF
  • DNS domain name
  • DNS name servers
Node SVM (for each node in the cluster)
  • Port for the node-management LIF
  • IP address for the node-management LIF
  • Netmask for the node-management LIF
  • Default gateway for the node-management LIF
    Note: If you choose not to configure a node-management LIF or specify a default gateway for the node-management LIF while using the Cluster Setup wizard, you must configure a node-management LIF on each node later by using the command-line interface. Otherwise, some operations might fail.

Network configuration during the SVM setup

The Vserver Setup wizard guides you through the following configuration:
  • Storage resources
  • Data LIFs
  • Naming services

For more information about the setup process using the Cluster Setup and Vserver Setup wizards, see the Clustered Data ONTAP Software Setup Guide.