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What you need to know when creating a share

A CIFS share is a named access point in a volume that enables CIFS clients to view, browse, and manipulate files on a file server. There are certain guidelines you should take into consideration when creating CIFS shares.

Information needed when creating the share

When you create a share, you must provide all of the following information:

When you create a share, you can optionally specify a description for the share. The share description appears in the Comment field when you browse the shares on the network.

If you create the share from the Data ONTAP command line, you can also specify a number of share properties. You can change these properties at any time after you create a share. You can specify the following share properties:

Information needed when modifying share ACLs and properties

When you create a CIFS share, Data ONTAP creates a default ACL for the share with full control permissions. To manage CIFS share access control lists, you can use the cifs access command family.

After you create a share, you can specify these share properties: