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About SFTP

The Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is a secure replacement for the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). SFTP is based on the Secure Shell protocol.

Similar to FTP, SFTP is an interactive file transfer program that performs all operations over an encrypted SSH transport. Unlike FTP, SFTP encrypts both commands and data, providing effective protection against common network security risks. The SSH client and server provide both command-line SFTP tools and a graphical user interface for Windows users. SFTP encrypts the session, preventing the casual detection of your user name, password, or anything you have transmitted. This protocol assumes that it runs over a secure channel, that the server has already authenticated the user at the client end, and that the identity of the client user is externally available to the server implementation. SFTP runs from the SSH Connection Protocol as a subsystem.

Data ONTAP implements SFTP in accordance with version 03 of the Internet-Draft of the SSH File Transfer Protocol, which is available at