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What file create request monitoring is

The FPolicy server receives a notification from the storage system for file create operations.

When a file create request is made by a CIFS or NFS client to the storage system, the storage system conducts all the relevant checks on the file. The relevant checks include checking permissions, checking if the file is available, checking if the file is being accessed by some other client, and so on. After the file passes the checks, the request is forwarded to the FPolicy server, if the file extension is included in the FPolicy extension include list. The FPolicy server receives this request and allows or blocks the file create request, based on the configuration of the policies.

The file create operation should be added to the monitored operations list for the FPolicy server to receive a notification from the storage system. The file create operation can be monitored using the CLI or ONTAPI. It can also be set by the FPolicy server using a bitmask.