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How to use native file blocking

To use native file blocking, you first create an FPolicy and then configure the FPolicy to provide notifications for certain operations. The native file blocking feature is available by default with Data ONTAP.

Native file blocking enables you to deny any of the file operations mentioned in the file screening section. Access to files with particular extensions can be blocked.

For example, to block files that contain .mp3 extensions, you configure a policy to provide notifications for certain operations with target file extensions of .mp3. The policy is configured to deny .mp3 file requests. When a client requests a file with an .mp3 extension, the storage system denies access to the file, based on the native file blocking configuration.

You can configure native file blocking and server-based file screening applications at the same time.

Note: The native file blocking feature only screens files based on the extensions and not on the content of the file.