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Testing your setup

Before putting a Data ONTAP system into a production environment, you must test your setup to ensure that everything works.

About this task

Testing for proper setup of a Data ONTAP system with a storage array includes the following:


  1. Use the following commands to confirm that the results of configuration are what you expect:
    Use this command... To...
    disk show -v Check whether all array LUNs are visible.
    sysconfig -v Check which FC initiator ports on the Data ONTAP system, switch ports, and array LUNs are used.
    storage array show-config Display connectivity to back-end storage arrays.
    sysconfig -r Check the aggregate configuration and ensure that spare array LUNs are available.
  2. Ensure that there are two paths to each array LUN so that the Data ONTAP system can continue to operate when running on a single path:
    1. Enter the following command: storage array show-config
    2. Check whether two paths to the array LUNs are shown.
      If you do not see two paths to the array LUNs, check zoning, host group configuration, and cabling.
    3. Look at the adapters shown to see whether all paths are on a single adapter.
      If you see both paths through only one Data ONTAP system FC initiator port (the system’s 0c port, for example) this is an indication that the back-end zoning is redundantly crossed. This is not a supported configuration.
      Note: Do not continue with testing until you see two paths.
  3. Test normal controller failover.
    1. On the partner node (vs2 in the example configuration), enter the following commands to perform a cf takeover; a takeover of vs1 should occur:
      vs2> cf status
      vs2> cf takeover (vs1 goes down; vs2 takes over)
      vs1/vs2> df (vs2 looks at vs1) 
      vs1/vs2> partner (to switch to the partner) 
      vs2> sysconfig
      vs2 (takeover)> cf status
      vs2 (takeover)> cf giveback (to return to normal operation) 
    2. Repeat the same commands on the local Data ONTAP system (vs1 in the example configuration).
  4. Test path failover and cluster failover:
    1. On the local Data ONTAP system (vs1 in the example configuration), enter the following commands:
      vs1> fcadmin offline 0a
      vs1> storage show disk -p (you should see only one path) or enter storage array show-config
      vs1> fcadmin offline
      vs1> fcadmin offline HA pair (takeover should occur)
    2. On the partner node (vs2 in the example configuration), enter the following commands: cf takeovercf giveback
    3. After both the local node (vs1) and the partner node (vs2) are back online, go to the partner node (vs2 in the example) and repeat the procedure.