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Installing Data ONTAP and licenses

When you order a Data ONTAP system without disk shelves, you must install Data ONTAP and the license required for the system to attach to storage arrays to use array LUNs. Starting in Data ONTAP 8.2, this license package is called V_StorageAttach.

About this task

You can perform Data ONTAP software installation using either of the following methods:

This procedure describes using the CIFS share method.


  1. Install the CIFS license.
  2. Run CIFS setup in workgroup mode.
  3. Map the system's C$ share to your laptop.
  4. Make an /etc/software directory (or enter the software list command to create the /etc/software directory).
  5. Copy the Data ONTAP executable to the /etc/software directory.
  6. Enter the following command to run the software executable: software install release_setup.exe
  7. Download the Data ONTAP software.
  8. Install the license for the system to use LUNs on storage arrays.
  9. Reboot the system.
  10. If your system is a node in an HA pair, repeat the setup and Data ONTAP software installation steps on the partner node before validating your setup.