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Sample configuration for the installation quick start (7-Mode and storage arrays)

Setting up connectivity between a Data ONTAP system and a storage array is basically the same for any supported vendor's storage array.

Refer to this single 4-port array LUN group example as you are using the quick start. This is the recommended configuration. It is supported with all platforms of systems running Data ONTAP, all switches, and all storage arrays, regardless of vendor.

This graphic is described by the surrounding text.

In this configuration with a single 4-port LUN group, array LUNs are mapped to four ports on the storage array. The array LUN group is presented to both nodes in the HA pair on different array target ports. However, each node can see an array LUN, end-to-end, through only two paths. Zoning is configured so that each FC initiator port on a node can access only a single target array port.

Note: FC initiator port names on Data ONTAP systems and storage array port names vary depending on the hardware model. In the illustration, Controller 1 and Controller 2 are the hardware components on which the storage array ports are located. Different vendors and different storage array models use different terminology to represent these hardware components (for example, cluster or controller for Hitachi, HP XP, and IBM; Storage Processor (SP) for EMC CLARiiON; and Controller Module for Fujitsu ETERNUS).