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Performing preinstallation tasks on the storage array

Before you can begin installing a configuration for Data ONTAP systems to use array LUNs, the storage array administrator must prepare storage for Data ONTAP to use.


  1. Ensure compliance with supported storage array models, firmware, switches, Data ONTAP version, and so on.
    See the Interoperability Matrix at for interoperability information and the Hardware Universe at for information about limits such as the minimum array LUN size for the root volume.
  2. Ask your storage administrator to create at least four LUNs on the storage array for the Data ONTAP systems to use.
    Each node in the HA pair requires an array LUN for the root volume and an array LUN for core dumps.
  3. Ask your storage array administrator to configure any parameters on the storage array that are required to work with Data ONTAP.
    See the FlexArray Virtualization Implementation Guide for Third-Party Storage for information about the parameters that must be set to work with Data ONTAP.
  4. Obtain appropriate Data ONTAP software.