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Setting up the switches

Switch configuration is typically done by the storage or SAN administrator. Some customers use hard zoning and other customers use soft zoning.

About this task

The switches need to be zoned so that the Data ONTAP systems and the storage arrays can see each other. You need to use single-initiator zoning so that the FC initiator ports on the Data ONTAP systems do not see each other.


  1. Zone the switches:
    1. Log in to the storage array and obtain the WWPNs of the FC adapters of the storage array.
    2. Use the Fibre Channel switch commands to zone each switch so that the storage array and the Data ONTAP system see each other’s WWPNs.
    In the example configuration, the zones are as follows for soft zoning:
    Zone Data ONTAP system and port Storage array controller and port
    Switch 1
    z1 vs1 0a Controller 1 1A
    z2 vs2 0a Controller 1 1B
    Switch 2
    z3 vs1 0c Controller 2 2A
    z4 vs2 0c Controller 2 2B