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Restore, verification, and cloning operation licensing requirements

You should be aware of the SnapDrive for Windows licensing requirements for the restore, verification, and cloning operations that you perform with SnapDrive for Windows and the SnapManager products. The licensing requirements differ based on SAN and SMB 3.0 environments, and whether your systems are operating in 7-Mode or running clustered Data ONTAP.

Task 7-Mode in SAN environments Clustered Data ONTAP in SAN and SMB 3.0 environments
Feature License Feature License
LUN restore from primary LUN clone split restore SnapRestore SIS-Clone SnapRestore
Restore from secondary SnapVault Not applicable N/A FlexClone SnapRestore
Hyper-V VSS autorecovery LUN clone None SAN only: SIS-Clone None
Local verification LUN clone None SAN: FlexClone FlexClone
FlexClone FlexClone SMB 3.0: FlexClone FlexClone
Remote verification (SnapMirror and SnapVault) FlexClone FlexClone FlexClone SnapRestore
DB clone FlexClone FlexClone FlexClone FlexClone
VM restore, file-level restore, and SMBR LUN clone SnapRestore SIS-Clone SnapRestore
FlexClone SnapRestore and FlexClone SIS-Clone SnapRestore