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ALUA configurations

Asymmetric logical unit access (ALUA) is supported for certain combinations of host operating systems and host multipathing software.

ALUA is an industry standard protocol for identifying optimized paths between a storage system and a host computer. The administrator of the host computer does not need to manually select the paths to use.

You should use ALUA whenever the host configuration supports it. For information about which specific configurations support ALUA, see the Interoperability Matrix and the Host Utilities Installation and Setup Guide for your host operating system.

ALUA is enabled or disabled on the igroup to which the LUN is mapped. The default ALUA setting in Data ONTAP depends on the igroup type. ALUA is not supported for iSCSI paths.

For information about enabling ALUA on the storage system, see the Data ONTAP SAN Administration Guide for 7-Mode.