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Identifying the SnapDrive components

The SnapDrive for UNIX configuration checker tool identifies the installed components on the host platform. The sdconfcheck.out log file that is used for identifying the installed components is installed in the /var/log file. The log files are renamed incrementally as sdconfcheck.out.1, sdconfcheck.out.2, and so on.


  1. To identify the installed components, enter the following command: sdconfcheck detect


# /opt/NetApp/snapdrive/bin/sdconfcheck detect
Detected PowerPC Architecture
Detected IBM AIX OS
Detected Kernel Version
Detected Volume Manager Version
Detected VIO Client Partition
Detected Host OS   AIX5.3 TL12 SP4
Detected NFSv3 FileSystem on AIX
Detected FCP on AIX
Detected Software iSCSI on AIX
Detected NFSv4 Filesystem on AIX
Detected AIX JFS File System
Detected AIX JFS2 File System
Detected AIX Native LVM
Detected AIX Native MPIO

Did not find any supported cluster solutions.
Detected FCP AIX Host Utilities 5.1
Detected iSCSI AIX Host Utilities 5.1