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Requirements for storage systems

You must consider the storage system requirements before setting it up.

Component Requirement

Operating system

Data ONTAP 7.3.5 or later.

  • SnapDrive for UNIX supports FlexVol volumes but does not use all FlexVol volume features.
  • Configurations that use NFS must use Data ONTAP 7.3.5 or later and FlexVol volumes must use snapdrive snap connect to read and write to a connected NFS file or directory tree.

    Configurations with traditional volumes are provided with read-only access to NFS files and directory trees.

Storage system setup

You must specify the partner IP address in the HA pair that can be used if a storage system failover occurs.

Note: You specify the IP address when you run the setup program on the storage system.


  • FC, iSCSI, or NFS, depending on the host platform
  • FlexClone license
    Note: You must have appropriate protocols running on the storage system for SnapDrive for UNIX to execute.
  • SnapRestore software
  • MultiStore software

    You should set the SnapRestore and MultiStore licenses when you set up the storage system. You need a MultiStore license if you want to set up a vFiler environment.

  • Secure HTTP access to the storage system.

SnapDrive for UNIX operations are not case-sensitive with respect to storage system host name, you must ensure that the IP addresses are unique when you configure the storage system.

Note: For the latest SnapDrive requirements, see the Interoperability Matrix.