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Configuring management and data interfaces for a storage system

You can configure multiple data interfaces for a single management interface in an NFS environment.

Before you begin

Before you configure a management interface for a data interface, you must run the snapdrive config set root command for the management interface.


  1. Delete the previous interface entry for storage system communication if that entry is different from the newly selected management interface:
    # snapdrive config list
    username    appliance name   appliance type
    root        f3050-220-91     StorageSystem
    root        lnx197-144       DFM
  2. Set the configuration for the new interface:
    # snapdrive config set root f3050-197-91
    Password for root: 
    Retype password:
  3. Configure the data interface for the new management interface:
    # snapdrive config set -mgmtpath f3050-197-91 f3050-220-91#

    In the preceding command, f3050-197-191 is the management interface and f3050-220-91 is the data interface.