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Managing Snapshot copies using a wizard

You can use a wizard to manage Snapshot copies. This wizard runs you through a set of questions and helps you to perform the snap connect, snap restore, and snap disconnect operations.

You can run the wizard by using the snapdrive snap wizard command.

The following table lists the different operations and corresponding commands to run the wizard. After launching the wizard, follow the steps in the application window.

Operation Command
Snapshot restore snapdrive snap wizard restore
Snapshot connect snapdrive snap wizard connect
Snapshot connect operation for file system with storage system volume
Snapshot connect for disk group
Snapshot disconnect for LUN snapdrive snap wizard disconnect
Snapshot disconnect for a disk group
Snapshot disconnect for host volume
Snapshot disconnect for file system

Limitations: In SnapDrive 4.1 for UNIX and later, the snapdrive snap wizard command has the following limitations: